"Always Askew" Featured on People.com

PEOPLE's "World's Most Beautiful" issue, honoring women for their inner beauty and accomplishments, comes out tomorrow! And as I mentioned in an earlier post, Minted asked designers to create art prints in celebration of this issue. As inspiration, Minted provided designers with ten quotations about beauty. The perfectionist in me chose the quote, "If you look for perfection, you will never be satisfied." by Leo Tolstoy. With it, I created a simple print that will never hang perfectly straight on your wall.

I'm excited to say that the Art Director at PEOPLE.com, Maggie Hong, chose it as one of her favorites. And it is now featured on PEOPLE.com. Check it out!


Maggie is quoted saying, "It's so smart to have the design tilted to echo the message of the quote. I love designs that make you think." And that is always my goal. To create designs with a concept behind them. To me, designs that make you think are much more intriguing than designs that are pretty, and only pretty.

And now, you can also find Always Askew for sale at minted. If you feel inclined to buy it, don't forget to use the promo code SHOPYR7HP4 to receive 10% off. In my opinion, the print is a great daily reminder to let go and embrace imperfection. I might just have to get one myself!