Metropolitan Café: What Cafés Were Meant To Be

Last week, a brand new spot called Metropolitan Café opened in my Philadelphia neighborhood, so I used the cold, snowy weekend as an excuse to grab a cup of tea and check it out. When I walked in, the very first thing I noticed was the absence of laptops. Hard to believe, right? But see for yourself:


Turns out, there is no WiFi at Metropolitan Café, and I think that's awesome. It seems that cafés have become synonymous with hiding behind a laptop while sipping on a latte for five hours. So I love that Metropolitan is doing just the opposite. They're not trying to one-up their competitors. They're just trying to be themselves; a place to enjoy a cup of coffee, catch up with friends, get to know your neighbors or read a book. They're really just trying to be what cafés were meant to be.


Metropolitan Café is also eat-in only. No take-out allowed. It's like this café is practically forcing me to relax and unwind! And therefore, it's my new favorite spot. You should check it out!