Finding "The One" (blog name, that is.)

Let's face it, Susan Schneider Design isn't the catchiest name for a design business. Or blog. Therefore, I had hoped to rename and rebrand myself by the end of 2012. But as it turns out, choosing the right name is hard! In fact, I've found it's a lot like finding the perfect guy. At the risk of sounding like a Sex and the City column, let me explain.

I've been searching for the perfect name for about three months now. And every time I think I've found "the one," the same thing happens.

First, I get really excited. I start picturing all of the things we will do together... how my new name sounds when I say it out loud... what our logo together might look like (will it have my eyes?!)

Next, I check the domain availability. Often, the domain is already taken. Nooo! Surely it could have been "the one" if it weren't already taken!

On the contrary, if the domain is available, I can't help but wonder, "hmmm, what's wrong with it? Why is he, I mean it, still available?"

And after sleeping on it, if I don't feel like Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the clip below, I decide to keep looking.

But I know the right name is out there. So be on the lookout for exciting changes to Susan Schneider Design in 2013! And happy new year to you all!

Tell me, how did you decide on your blog or business name?