What I Deserve, I Earn.

The 2012 Summer Olympics kicked off this weekend. Woo! It is always such an inspiring time. A time when serious hard work pays off for Olympic athletes.

Their dedication, determination and will are an inspiration. And we should all take note. Especially those of us in the entitlement generation.

The entitlement generation is the group of us born between (approximately) 1978 and 1997 who think we are owed certain rights. Just because. Our generation thinks life should be easy, with lots of rewards.

But what happened to working hard for the things we want? I think British Gymnast Louis Smith's tattoo says it best. It reads, "What I deserve I earn." Awesome. And true. He earned his spot at the Olympics because he worked his butt off. You can't get there any other way.

Tell me, how did our generation end up with this sense of entitlement? I often wonder.