For what I want, I can wait.

We are in it now! The prime of wedding season, that is. And I have designed about a dozen wedding invitations. In doing so, I was recently asked, "When you design these, do you get upset that you're not getting married?" The answer came rather quickly.... Nope!

And it's true.

Fact is, I haven't found what I want yet. Therefore, I will wait. It's cool!

Then later, while writing my blog post "Resolution: Color", I came across the website for the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program. While browsing the site, I fell madly in love with one mural in particular. It read, "For what I want, I can wait."

My thoughts exactly. I had to check it out.

So this past weekend, I drove to West Philadelphia. And as I neared the corner of 48th and Market, the mural came into site. Though it sounds sappy, the biggest smile appeared on my face. It was gorgeous! I love the bright blue color against the bright blue sky, the simplicity and the strong message.

The mural was designed by Stephen Powers. It is actually part of a 50 mural series entitled "Love Letter". The series adds amazing color and energy to West Philly. If you don't live in the area, you can see some examples at And if you do live in the area, apparently there is a "Love Letter" train tour every Saturday and Sunday. Another thing to put on the "to do" list, for sure!

So tell me, what is the big hurry?