A Well-Designed Bachelorette Party

How did excessive penises become a bachelorette party phenomenon? Who decided straws, necklaces, cakes and confetti shaped as penises was a good idea? I'd like to know. Because last weekend, I attended the most amazing bachelorette party I’ve ever been to. And guess what? No penises. It was a breath of fresh air.

Props to the Maid of Honor for designing the perfect day. First, we took a limo from Manhattan to Long Island, where we tasted wine at Duck Walk, Pugliese and Vineyard 48. The setting was picture perfect.

My favorite wine of the day was the Southampton White at Duck Walk. It was a rich, dry wine, made from Southampton-grown Pinot Gris and blended with Chardonnay. It was fruity, smooth and refreshing.

After wine tasting, we took the limo, overflowing with champagne and fudge, back to Hotel on Rivington on the Lower East Side. If you’ve never been, I highly recommend it. Especially if you can pull a few strings (or completely luck out like we did) and get the Owner’s Suite. We’re talking all-white linens, secret passageways, corner all-glass master bathroom (pretty sure I bared all to the City of New York when I showered on Sunday morning) and best of all, a side-length balcony.

That there is the beautiful bride on our amazing balcony overlooking the city

After we basked in the glory of our celeb treatment, we went downstairs to CO-OP Food & Drink. The mix of American food and sushi was delightful. And equally as important, so was the design. It was colorful and modern, with a touch of grit.

CO-OP Food & Drink. Designed by DeVinn Bruce, featuring photography of New York City icons by EJ CAMP.

Amazing day, right?

So tell me, do you prefer bachelorette parties without the penis paraphernalia? Or is it just me?