Resolution Color

I moved to Philadelphia for a job opportunity 9 months ago today. Prior to my move, I was living in Boston. My dream city. Or so I thought. I was sure I’d live there forever. My decision to leave was a tough one. But I must say, I think it was the right one. Philly’s got flavor! Flavor, that to be honest, I don’t think Boston had. For example, it has thousands of vibrant murals. Literally. I see at least twenty on my morning jog alone. It’s got funky sculptures, plenty of yarn bombing (or as I prefer to call it, Grandma Graffiti), vibrant houses and as expected, lots of interesting people.

This new city has inspired me creatively in many ways. Today, I'll tell you one.

Philadelphia, you have inspired me to add more color to my life.

If you know me, you know that I wear a lot of black. And by a lot of black, I mean only black. I’m not sure why.

It might be because black is always in style. Or because it’s slimming. And matches everything. Maybe it’s because I’m a creative in advertising. Or because doesn't get dirty (most probable).

But that phase of my life (28 years) is over! So thanks for the inspiration, Philly. (And new friends who have not been afraid to call me out -- “How many black tops do you own?!”, “What are you going to wear tonight? Black?”, “You wish you checked the weather? Why, what would you have worn instead? Black?”)

So let’s get colorful!

Tell me, where should I go shopping first?