Life's too short to wear matching socks.

I recently got an email from a good friend and the subject line was "More projects by my favorite designer?" In it, she asked me to design a couple of prints. One for her apartment and one for a wedding gift. Both designed by me. AwwwwwWWWW. How could I resist an email so sweet?

So below is the print I designed for her apartment. She requested it read, "Life's too short to wear matching socks." (She does not like to wear matching socks.) Hope you like it!

Life's too short to wear matching socks.

'Birds on Wires' Curtains and Pillows on Minted

Back in May, I posted about my brand new Minted fabric, 'Birds on Wires.'. A lot of you were pretty pumped (thank you!) and expressed interest in buying some. However many of you, like me, aren’t exactly master sewers. So, good news, friends! “Birds on Wires” is now available as curtains and pillows, too! Check 'em out:

Enjoy Each Day

Every Christmas, I receive a nice hand-written card from my aunt who lives in California. This year, she signed the card, "Enjoy each day." I thought it was a simple and beautiful message, and I wanted to keep it as an everyday reminder. However, I knew the card would inevitably get lost in the sea of correspondence I've been saving since high school. So, I photographed her handwriting, blew it up, and created this print. Look, Aunt Mary Pat, you're an artist! Letter19Design_EnjoyEachDay

I also entered this print into the Three Cheers! Minted x West Elm's 3rd Art Challenge. So if you want to see it for sale at West Elm, click here to vote. And as always, thank you!

Very First Fabric

I'm excited to announce the launch of my very first fabric on Minted. It is called Journey Together and it features a repeating pattern of tandem bikes. It was designed to accompany the Journey Together wedding invitation I designed for Minted a while back. The fabric comes in ten colorways, including 2015's color of the year, Marsala. I hope you like! Letter19Design_JourneyTogetherFabric_BlackandWhite



And if you're interested in designing fabrics but you don't know where to start, hit this link for a tutorial that I found incredibly helpful.

Thanks for reading!

"Love is all around" and "Traveler's Compass" Art Prints

Happy New Year, everyone! I recently returned from eleven days in Australia. It was an amazing getaway. And honestly, it couldn't have come at a better time. A time when admittedly, I'm a little confused about life, love, and oh how the list goes on...

On my trip, I met many interesting travelers. In fact, I spent a night at sea with 23 of them on the SV Whitehaven sailboat. They came from Germany, England, France, Sweden, etc. It was a great group and by the end of our journey to and from Whitehaven Beach, we all became quite good friends. And our boat started to feel like home.

There, on a boat in the middle of the ocean, I felt at home. This experience, and the many new people I met (some who are traveling for years at a time), inspired me to create the print series below. Reminders that love doesn’t have to be defined by marriage or babies. And home doesn’t have to be defined by a house with four windows and a door. Love is all around us. And home is wherever we make it.

Letter19Design_WorkofArtChallenge_LoveIsAllAround Love Is All Around

Letter19Design_WorkofArtChallenge_TravelersCompassTraveler's Compass

I also entered these prints into Minted's Work of Art Challenge. So if you like them, click here and here to vote (voting ranges from 1-5 and ends January 21). And as always, thanks for reading!

Creative and Inspiring Friends

Incredibly creative and inspiring friends. That's just one of the many things I feel thankful for this Thanksgiving season. But unfortunately for me, one of mine just moved all the way across the country. I'm sad for the city of Philadelphia, but I'm super happy for her and her new adventure. LA is lucky to have her.

And lucky for me, she asked me to create two prints for her new place. It's an honor to know that my work is hanging in her home 2,725 miles away.

Check it out:





Vintage Wedding Photo Invitation Follow-Up

Hey All! This is a follow-up to the Vintage Wedding Photo Invitation blog post. It features the wedding day designs I created for Brigid and Jonathan, including the program, escort cards, table names and menu. All photography is by AE Stelzer Photography. Enjoy! And congrats again to Jonny and Brigid! It was a fantastic day. VintageWeddingDay_Letter19Design_01







"We Joyfully Do" Wedding Invitation Suite

Check it out. A new wedding invitation design called "We Joyfully Do" that puts a modern twist on traditional wedding vows. It is friendly and fun, much like my good friend who it was originally designed for. Thank you, Lindsey, for allowing me to share it with everyone! Letter19Design_WeJoyfullyDo_WeddingInvitation_FullSet




Thanks for reading, all!

Vintage Wedding Photo Invitation Suite

Well, you've seen the Vintage Postcard Save The Date I designed for my brother and his fiancé. And the runner-up Vintage Train Ticket. I guess it's about time I show you the invitation, huh? This invitation pays homage to our parents by using vintage wedding photos in place of their names. This creates a cool mix of traditional and non-traditional invitation elements, which is perfect for couples who want to be both conventional and unique.

Check it out:

Letter19Design Vintage Photo Wedding Invitation Front

Letter19Design Vintage Photo Wedding Invitation Front Closeup

Letter19Design Vintage Photo Wedding Invitation Fronts

Letter19Design Vintage Photo Wedding Invitation Backs

Okay. How adorable are those throwback photos? They seriously make my heart melt.

Anyway, this suite is now for sale at my Etsy shop. Stop on by!

The sky's awake, so I'm awake, so we have to play!

I've never been a morning person. I could easily sleep 'til noon every day. But when I do, I'm disappointed to have lost so much of the day. Especially in the springtime! So, I'm trying to become one of those crazy morning people. Ya know, like Anna? In Frozen?

She's so stinking cute, isn't she?

And at the request of a friend, I designed a print using Anna's quote. "The sky's awake, so I'm awake, so we have to play!"

I'm hoping it will inspire me to get out of bed every morning. And of course, it's for sale at my Etsy shop if you dig it!


Bring on today.

I start a new job today. I'm excited.

And anxious.

I spent the last week between jobs resting, refreshing and getting inspired. I read in a lot of parks, took Instagrams in a lot of coffee shops, drank beer in a lot of bars, designed a lot, slept a lot and watched a lot of strange movies. (Speaking of, have you seen Take This Waltz? How had I never heard of this movie before? I loved it!)

And, I even started taking those guitar lessons I've been meaning to take for twelve years.

It felt good to refresh! And now, I think I'm ready to re-join you all in the real world. Ready, go!


Introducing Letter19Design

Remember that time I told you about my big plans to re-brand myself? Well, I finally did it. Say 'hello' to Letter19.

I've been kicking the name around for about a year now. I've said it out loud to people, I've played with logo designs, I've changed my Twitter handle... and I still really dig it. I dig the idea of defining a letter of the alphabet ('S,' obviously) with a number. It's a way of looking at something differently. And that is exactly how I approach all of my designs.

So, I'm officially making it official. You can now find me on Etsy, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest as Letter19Design. And of course, over at Check it out!

Letter19Design website

The Color of Winter

There's a lot of hate for winter, isn't there? But I don't really mind it. In my opinion, it's a great time to get comfy, catch up on TV, drink hot toddies, sled, snowboard and chit-chat by the fire. And of course, the design-a-holic in me thinks it's a great time to get some work done. I guess you could say I think winter is a little under-appreciated. So to show it some appreciation, I created the little ode below with a photo I took in Schwenksville, PA and a quote by Terri Guillemets. Enjoy!


Vintage Train Ticket Save The Date

A few weeks ago, I revealed the design that my brother and his fiancé chose as their Save The Date. And today, I'm excited to feature the runner-up. Like I mentioned, their proposal took place at Grand Central. So, I thought it fitting to present them with a vintage-inspired train ticket design. And even though they didn't choose it, I'm excited to now make the design available to anyone whose theme and dream it suits.

So now, you can find it for sale on Etsy. Check it out! (And notice how the holes in the tickets are punched with an actual vintage railroad ticket punch. I'm super pumped about that thing!)




Vintage Postcard Save The Date

About a year ago, my brother orchestrated a beautiful proposal to his girlfriend at Grand Central in New York City. And not long after, my soon-to-be sister-in-law asked me to design their Save The Dates. We sat down over Thanksgiving to discuss her vision, and of course, I did plenty of Pinterest stalking. Her Pinterest boards were gorgeous. They contained lots of soft pinks, sage greens and neutrals, as well as plenty of vintage cues.

Fast forward a few weeks and a couple of design options, and here is what they chose:



The photo on the front of the postcard was taken by Brigid’s sister the day they got engaged. And the postcard ornamentation on the back includes an illustration of the famous Grand Central Terminal clock, set to 6:21 to symbolize the date of their wedding.

If you dig this design, a similar one will soon be for sale on my revamped Etsy page. Coming soon. So keep your eyes peeled!

I like life a lot.

A lot has happened over the past couple of weeks. Multiple close friends have gotten engaged (Congrats Melinda + Kara, Lindsey + Brent!), I became an aunt and Godmother (Congrats Jonny + Brigid!) and I celebrated turning 30 while sipping wine in the vineyards of Northern California. But in all honesty, I am having trouble pinpointing exactly how I feel about all of these milestones. On one hand, it is all very exciting. But on the other hand, it concerns me how quickly life is flying by.

I think Audrey Hepburn described my feelings best. She once said, "Getting older doesn't frighten me, but I wish I didn't have to because I like life a lot."

So true. In fact, I love this quote so much, I decided to make it a print to commemorate my 30th birthday celebration in Sonoma, California. Enjoy!


Risa is having a baby. And it's a...

RisaGenderReveal_590x590 I was honored when my friend Risa asked me to concept and design the announcement revealing the gender of her baby to her family, friends and blog readers. And I was even more honored when she chose an idea that involved me knowing the gender of her baby before she did! It was definitely a tough secret to keep for eighteen hours, but it was totally worth it to see the amazing reactions on her and her husband's faces. What a memorable moment.

Congratulations, Risa and Chris!