"Love is all around" and "Traveler's Compass" Art Prints

Happy New Year, everyone! I recently returned from eleven days in Australia. It was an amazing getaway. And honestly, it couldn't have come at a better time. A time when admittedly, I'm a little confused about life, love, and oh how the list goes on...

On my trip, I met many interesting travelers. In fact, I spent a night at sea with 23 of them on the SV Whitehaven sailboat. They came from Germany, England, France, Sweden, etc. It was a great group and by the end of our journey to and from Whitehaven Beach, we all became quite good friends. And our boat started to feel like home.

There, on a boat in the middle of the ocean, I felt at home. This experience, and the many new people I met (some who are traveling for years at a time), inspired me to create the print series below. Reminders that love doesn’t have to be defined by marriage or babies. And home doesn’t have to be defined by a house with four windows and a door. Love is all around us. And home is wherever we make it.

Letter19Design_WorkofArtChallenge_LoveIsAllAround Love Is All Around

Letter19Design_WorkofArtChallenge_TravelersCompassTraveler's Compass

I also entered these prints into Minted's Work of Art Challenge. So if you like them, click here and here to vote (voting ranges from 1-5 and ends January 21). And as always, thanks for reading!