A Different Kind of Marathon

This blog post, A Different Kind of Marathon, was supposed to be about the experience of the 2013 Boston Midnight Marathon Bike Ride, a whole new way of experiencing the Boston Marathon. Over 700 of us met at the marathon starting line in Hopkinton, the night before the race, and rode the course all the way to Copley Square. This was the fifth annual ride and an extremely fun way to feel like a part of the marathon action. The event, as silly as it sounds, really gives you a feel for how intense the course is. And on race day, you look at the runners with a whole new respect. (At least I did.) I highly recommend it. But unfortunately, the Midnight Marathon wasn't the end of my strange Marathon Monday experience. As you know, two bombs went off at the finish line. I was a block away when it happened. It was awful. Devastating. And infuriating. My thoughts and prayers are with all of those affected.

Below is an Instagram from what should have been a beautiful marathon weekend in Boston, taken by my old co-worker, Michael McCrary. I thought it captured the beauty and spirit of this fantastic city so sweetly. The beauty and spirit that I know will help Boston get through this tough time.