Resolution Color: Mummers Parade

2013 is well under way and Philadelphia continues to inspire me to add more color to my life. That's right, Resolution Color continues. My latest inspiration was the Mummers Parade on New Year's Day. It traces back to the 17th-century Swedish holiday tradition of visiting neighbors' houses while singing, dancing, making noise and drinking. (Did you know the Swedes were the first settlers of Philadelphia?) This later evolved into masquerades and parades.

And I'm pretty sure the big event just wouldn't be the same in black and gray. Check it out!

resolutioncolor_5 resolutioncolor_6 resolutioncolor_7 resolutioncolor_8

It is equal parts strange and amazing. Much like the city of Philadelphia, I suppose!

Tell me, what is your New Year's resolution? And what is inspiring you to keep it up?