Why do creatives wear so much black?

Recently, a few of my creative co-workers and I were taking our daily stroll to grab some lunch. If you remember from Resolution Color, these are the very co-workers who tease me for wearing too much black. So as we were walking, I snapped this pic: WhyDoCreativesWearBlack

Turns out, it's not just me. They were all wearing black, too.

It's pretty bizarre, but creatives really do wear a lot of black. Especially in advertising. It's something that probably cannot be explained.

But if I were in middle school science class, and Mr. Duva asked me to form a theory about this phenomenon, I'd say maybe it's because black absorbs light and color. And therefore, maybe black absorbs creativity. Maybe, just maybe, it's the secret to our creativity.

Ridiculous? Probably. But that's why I majored in design and not science. And why I will continue to wear black.

Tell me, why do you think creatives wear so much black?