Why Twitter Kicks Facebook's Ass: Part 1

As you may have gathered through some of my other posts, like The (Beautiful) Social Network, I'm a fan of social media.

Of course, I like some networks more than I like others. For example, I am convinced that Twitter kicks Facebook's ass.

In essence, the two sites have the same purpose. To share what's happening in your life and in the world. But the information shared on Twitter is of much greater quality than the information shared on Facebook. But that's just my opinion... Or is it?

Have you ever compared your two newsfeeds? I have. Take a look at a handful of posts from my feeds on July 17th around 6pm:


Anonymous: What a long day. Anonymous: I love my husband Anonymous: My sunburn hurts sooo fucking bad I got the cold shakes! Anonymous: I just realized that today I consumed 7 apples.


@mashable: Facebook experiences biggest stock drop since May - on.mash.to/Q2qGwJ @danieltosh: i for one think tonights new episode of tosh.0 went too far. @HuffingtonPost: 10 healthier beers (and how to choose the right one) http://huff.to/MEL15F @HuffingtonPost: The best US state for female entrepreneurs may surprise you http://huff.to/MFFE6c

I think it's pretty clear where my time was better spent. I mean, why do I care that a girl I kinda knew in middle school ate 7 apples? (Sorry, girl I kinda knew in middle school!)

So there you have it. One point goes to Twitter! Thank you for providing me with interesting information and news. And clever musings.

Tell me, if you had to choose between Twitter and Facebook, which would you choose?